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Product Information Changes

Product Name and Product Description are changing to align with our Global Product Catalog

To enable us to provide the best possible global experience on our interconnection platform, we are harmonising our products and policies to offer a consistent customer experience. Our primary objective is to make it easier for you to do business with Equinix today and in the future. Some product names and product descriptions will therefore be changed. New product descriptions will appear on future quotes, order documents and invoices. The following information provides an overview of these changes and how we will implement them.

Section 1: Product Name Changes

The following table provides an overview of the product name changes as they will appear on future invoices after integration is complete. Integration is planned for February 2018, but this will be confirmed as it is subject to change.

Bit-Isle Products & Services Names Equinix Products & Services Names
Colocation Services Colocation Services

Rack Rental Services 2

  • 1/4 Cabinet, 1/2 Cabinet, Full Cabinet
  • Power, Power Monitoring

Secure Cabinet with KVA Based Power

  • 1/4 Cabinet, 1/2 Cabinet, Full Cabinet

Cage Space Services 2

  • Power, Power Monitoring

Private Cage with KVA Based Power

  • Space & Power

Rental Office

IBX Flex

Rental Locker (under Rack Rental Services)

IBX Flex

Network Services Interconnection Services
House Cable Cross Connect

Internet Connection Services 3

  • Shared, Shared with 10% Bandwidth guarantee
  • Dedicated; Dedicated with 10% (Min. Bandwidth Commit)
  • DNS, IP Allocation

Equinix Connect

  • Minimum Bandwidth Commit
  • IP Allocation, DNS

Private Connection Services – Bit-isle Connect 4

Equinix Cloud Exchange
Metro Connect
Cross Connect

BI Cloud, Rental, and Managed Services 1 Managed Services

BI Cloud Services

  • Private Cloud \ V-Series
  • Public Cloud \ N-Series (Powered by Nifty Cloud)
  • Bare Metal Server
  • Storage \ NAS

Managed Cloud Services

  • V-Series
  • N-Series
  • Bare Metal Server
  • NAS
Rental Services Managed Rental Services
  • Managed Services
  • Managed Services Plus
Managed Equipment Services
Data Center Operation Services \ siteROCK siteROCK Monitoring Services
  • Integrated Operation Management Services (ROC)
  • Security Management Services (SOC)
  • DCO Monitoring Services
  • DCO Emergency & DCO Routine Services 5
  • siteROCK Management Services
  • Managed Security Service / siteROCK Vulnerability Assessment Service
  • On-site Monitoring Services

Smart Hands™

Professional Services IT Professional Services
System Engineering Services (SES) System Engineering Services (SES)
System Integration Services (SI) System Integration Services (SI)

1 Bit-isle Cloud Service, Rental Service and Managed Services will be known as Managed Services.

2 Cage Space Services becomes Private Cage and Rental Rack Services will be known as Secure Cabinet.

3 Internet Connection Services will become Equinix Connect.

4 Bit-isle Connect will continue to be available for existing contracts. Thereafter, customers can renew their contracts for Bit-isle Connect or they can replace this with the alternative product, Equinix Cloud Exchange.

5 At the time of integration, DCO Emergency Response Service and DCO Regular Work Service will transition to the Equinix service known as Smart Hands™.

6 Bit-Isle Portal (BIP) functionality will be available via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP).

Section 2: Data Centre Name Changes

Former Bit-isle Data Center names have changed. Please see the list below:


  • DC1 TY6
  • DC2 TY7
  • DC3 TY8


  • Osaka DC OS99


  • DC4 TY9
  • DC5 TY10

* Translation for convenience only - the Japanese version shall prevail in the case of inconsistency.