Internet Exchange

The most peers. The most markets. The most traffic.

Equinix Internet Exchange™ enables networks, content providers and large enterprises to exchange internet traffic through the largest global peering solution across more than 35 markets.



Aggregate traffic to multiple peers on one physical port, handle multiple small peers while moving high-traffic peers to private interconnects


Reduce network hops and congestion for endusers of your content and applications


Create and manage your connections, on demand, through a globally consistent portal

Reduce Costs

Aggregate thousands of peering sessions onto a single hardware platform, the largest internet exchange (IX)with the most peers, markets and traffic, further reducing the need for IP transit.

Rich ecosystem

Discover and connect to thousands ofnetworks, large enterprises, and cloud and IT service providers

Greater visibility

View detailed reports and monitor network performance across peering locations


  • Ability to create an isolated broadcast domain, Private VLAN, for direct bilateral peering.
  • The Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE)allows you to securely exchange routing information with multiple peers through a redundant pair of BGP sessions.
  • Remotely Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) based support for BGP filters to drop attack traffic from participating peers before it reaches your router.
  • 1,10 and 100 Gbps port connectivity options.

IX Peering Portal

The IX Peering Portal provides detailed sFlow-based traffic statistics and charting, participant reports for all Equinix Internet Exchange locationsandtechnical details on the service,including jitter statistics and peering partner suggestions.

Mobility Exchange

Mobility Exchange at Equinix is a fullymanaged, Ethernet-based switching platform designed specifically for exchange of mobile internet traffic.


Redundant infrastructure

Equinix provides Mobility Exchange operators with a fully redundant LAN infrastructure for improved service delivery


Private bilateral peering

Freedom to negotiate private peering arrangements without any restrictions



Mobility Exchange offers operators stringent SLAs with an uptime guarantee of 99.99% for individual ports


VLAN trunking encapsulation

Trunking encapsulation can consolidate multiple physical links onto fewer VLAN trunk ports, increasing network efficiency

Dedicated Mobility Exchange Portal

Equinix offers full-service transparency with access to port-level statistics on a dedicated portal for Mobility Exchange

We have always regarded Equinix as one of the most important players in the global IT infrastructure industry. With high-quality data centers and excellent customer service, Equinix was the obvious choice to help Aofei scale up without compromising quality and performance.
lex Yang,
COO,Guangdong Aofei Data Technology Co., Ltd.