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Shared Cloud


Technology is evolving quickly, and when you hold on to hardware, waiting for the next opportunity, you not only have idle assets, they risk becoming obsolete. There are projects that are so groundbreaking that it’s hard to predict their growth, while others require applications to be isolated on different servers. The question is: how can you be sure capacity will meet your future needs for each application?

The Shared Enterprise Cloud that we offer in Brazil allows your virtual infrastructure to be expanded any time, on demand, without interrupting environment operation. Optimize computer resources, save physical space, reduce power and cooling needs, and see monthly expenses drop accordingly. A leaner environment, means lower licensing costs, simpler server management and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Unlike other cloud solutions, you can set up your environment by combining resources in virtual and physical servers, and still rely on the full integration of Equinix’s entire Brazilian service portfolio.

Security and Reliability of the Enterprise Cloud

In the Enterprise Cloud, your virtual environment is secure, with proper logical isolation. You know in which data center your data are being kept, and your virtual servers can communicate with the network infrastructure used by your physical servers. This flexibility, combined with the security and quality attested by ISAE 3402, SSAE 16 type II SOC I, ISO9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013, allow for a quick and effective cloud experience, at all hours, with immediate treatment of possible deviations.

Snapshots and Resource Monitoring

The Customer Portal lets you monitor all of your virtual servers’ resources. Monitor HD, CPU and memory consumption in real-time. Shut down or restart your virtual server automatically and view a history of the last actions taken. For more advanced settings, you can count on the Snapshot feature. This feature lets your server have a restore point. In case of errors during maintenance, you can restore the Snapshot, returning all the settings and files to the time just before the failure.

Protected Cloud

For mission-critical environments, protect your cloud with a complete Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. Through our distributed cloud infrastructure, your environment is fully replicated between two separate dcenters. Replication takes place in a virtualization layer, without the need for complex settings in the operating system or application. It is possible to enact or simulate a disaster at any time via the Customer Portal in a fully automated manner. Maintain availability with your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) established in your agreement.


  • Reduce costs substantially
  • Maximize the use of resources
  • Connect with your physical server hosted at Equinix
  • Easily scale the size of your server
  • Track the resources (memory, hard drive and processing) directly from the control panel, without having to enter the servers
  • Switch on, switch off and restart the server without having to interact with support
  • Faster deployment
  • Create Snapshots (restore points)
  • Full integration with the entire Equinix Brazilian portfolio: Firewall, Storage, Load Balance and others
  • Leave your cloud management in the hands of our Brazilian team of certified experts

Equinix Shared Cloud Partner - Intel Xeon

Equinix data centers are fitted with the latest Intel technology, based on the Intel Xeon processors family.

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