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Security & Performance



In order to be an active player in the Internet, your network must be connected to several other enterprises. This allows you to access information – but, in exchange, you expose your own structure. Equinix’s Firewall solutions act as a protective barrier that analyzes traffic and data packets, while controlling access to your environment.


Load Balance

As your business grows, you need to add new servers to increase the capacity and resilience of your application. Expanding the infrastructure without proper planning can cause bottlenecks and congestion points. Load Balance acts as the traffic gateway for your application, intelligently distributing requests to the best server available at the time and optimizing use of the infrastructure.



The constant increase in the volume of data created by an enterprise puts a great pressure on information repositories. Setting aside individual blocks of storage for each server is not efficient, as it generates waste of capacity and has a negative effect on the management and maintenance of backups. With our Storage solutions, you can manage your information with much greater efficiency and flexibility, without having to invest in equipment.



Can you imagine losing all of your enterprise’s critical information? Even if you invest in redundant storage capabilities, the unexpected can occur. The total cost of ownership of a complete backup solution is high, and maintaining a team dedicated to this activity is not practical for most enterprises. Failures are often discovered only when a restore is needed. Don’t take that risk! Learn about our backup solution.



Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly common. With elaborate techniques and new threats emerging every day, this type of threat has grown to unprecedented heights, bringing unprotected infrastructures to a complete halt. Equinix AntiDDoS works as your main defense against this threat. Attacks will go by completely unnoticed if your environment is protected with our solution.


Last Mile (Dedicated Link)

Workstations and servers of your company’s local network may need access to your servers and equipment hosted in Equinix’s data centers. Having a high cost per bandwidth, unreliable performance and security issues, the Internet is not suitable for such traffic.



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