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Improve performance, reduce opex and boost security by taking the private route to AWS Direct Connect

Steps Toward Cloud WAN Optimization for AWS Interconnection

See how to transform your critical network for fast, secure and cost-effective access to AWS.

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AWS Direct Connect via Platform Equinix offers unparalleled benefits for cloud infrastructures. Orchestrate business applications and data across multiple locations with performance, security and scale. Choose a Dedicated Connections Model supporting up to 50 Virtual Interfaces (VIFs) or a 1, 2, 5, or 10 Gbps Hosted Connection enabling you to scale high-speed, virtual AWS interconnection worldwide.

Direct Connect enables you to migrate workloads requiring higher connection speeds with lower latency for:

  • Databases (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc.) by leveraging AWS tools
  • Migration of on-premises VMware and SAP applications (e.g. HANA) to AWS
  • Hybrid and multicloud architecture for mission-critical applications, especially those based on VMware and SAP
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery environments

Build a Hybrid Cloud Experience with AWS Outposts and Equinix

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service from AWS that extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to the customer on-premises. By leveraging AWS Outposts and AWS Direct Connect at Equinix, enterprises can achieve maximum availability on-premise and in the cloud for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

More AWS Markets Than Any Other Data Center Provider

Our global interconnection platform delivers access to AWS Direct Connect in 33+ business-rich markets.

Features and Benefits

Deliver predictable performance and user experience

Leverage low-latency, high bandwidth connections

Enhanced compliance, sovereignty and privacy

Specify the location of your data via private, direct connectivity rather than public internet

Flexible, scalable and cost-effective

Maintain private clouds and manage sensitive data in secure Equinix data centers, pay only for what you use

Choose between dedicated or hosted connection

Via single port Ethernet or automated network options

Enhanced security

Bypass the public internet with a secure, direct connection to AWS

Low-latency connections

Reduce latency to as little as 1 millisecond per roundtrip