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Google Cloud

Together Equinix and Google enable enterprises to realize their hybrid/multi-cloud strategy and increase their end customer satisfaction by localizing applications and services through interconnected ecosystems.

High speed and secure connections to GCP to increase adoption and drives implementation of priority workloads.

Equinix has multiple 10G connections between all public cloud providers making it easier for enterprises to shift workloads to Google Cloud faster, securely and at less costs. Enterprises can also collocate equipment for hybrid/multi-cloud workloads <2ms from GCP.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

  • Innovate faster and at scale when you migrate to Google Cloud
  • Cloud migrations require a reliable and dedicated network. Equinix enables a physical or virtual network edge to be spun up in minutes NOT weeks.
  • Leverage GCI for Anthos virtual edge
  • Migrating data between clouds via public internet is more expensive and time consuming than private dedicated GCI connections from Equinix.

For more information, visit Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI).

Hybrid / Multi-cloud Modernization

SAP Transformation

  • Leverage lift and shift migration using tools such as Velostrata so you do not have to re-build applications in the cloud and Google Cloud Interconnect for reliable connectivity.
  • Replicate SAP apps to Google Cloud Platform to eliminate secondary data centers, thus reducing costs.
  • Increase performance and reduce infrastructure costs with Google Cloud and Equinix.

You can’t get closer to Google Cloud than Equinix!

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