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IDC - A Blueprint for DX Success—Start with Hybrid Infrastructure and Connected Ecosystems

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Creating an agile, resilient organization through digital transformation remains a top priority, but most organizations struggle to reach the more advanced, mature stages. To overcome the challenges and achieve these business objectives, IDC believes organizations that understand the value of platforms, partners, and ecosystems set themselves up to be more successful. Read this IDC white paper to learn how organizations can accelerate, enhance, and ultimately benefit from a digital infrastructure strategy that is anchored in hybrid infrastructure and connected ecosystems.


  • While DX is occurring at unprecedented levels, only 3.9% of all enterprise organizations have completed their transformations.
  • From 2015 to 2025, the Global DataSphere is growing at a CAGR of 58%, reaching 180ZB of data created and replicated by 2025.
  • Resources in strategic locations with local interconnection between user services, data, clouds, and ecosystem partners is key to digital strategies.
  • Realizing DX at a speed, that can scale, and operate with agility and resiliency over time requires a digital platform.
To deliver exceptional digital experiences regardless of location, and participate and compete in the largest digital ecosystems, Digital leaders need a highly interconnected digital platform.
IDC White Paper, sponsored by Equinix
“A Blueprint for DX Success: Start with Hybrid Infrastructure and Connected Ecosystems,” April 2021

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