Digital transformation – How technology and business impact digital infrastructure

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Learn how and why digital infrastructure drives transformation and business growth in Sweden. See the change taking place at the heart of digitization in Sweden and get insights from thought leaders like Google and Microsoft, and key partners in the Swedish industry.


  • The demands on digital infrastructure due to COVID-19
  • Five technologies that drive change in digital infrastructure
  • Five trends on how the digital transformation will affect companies and society in the coming years
  • The pivotal factor for Swedish companies to be competitive
  • How digital transformation drives investments in the cloud
Legislation and regulations set requirements for private connections and private cloud solutions for data management. Organizations want to harness the power of the public cloud for other functions. It drives an increased need to combine different solutions - through hybrid clouds and multi-clouds.
– Equinix white paper, “Digital transformation – How technology and business impact digital infrastructure,” May 2021

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